Plan Your Destination Wedding In True Style

Weddings are big no matter the place, time and couple getting married. Organising a wedding can be quite a challenge considering the many facets of it; all the more if it is a destination wedding. Though destination weddings started with the celebrities, it has become a trend in recent times.

Tips to Make Your Destination Wedding a Success
  1.       Get your list ready – remember this means you need to travel to this location, you need to arrange for stay and travel for all the near and dear
  2.       Inform in Advance – don’t pull a fast one on your friends and family, let the attendees know when and where you intend to get married, this will help them plan
  3.       Leave it to the experts – hire a local wedding organiser to get things done, e.g. if you are planning to wed in the long marine drive of Chennai’s East Coast Road, then hire wedding planners in Chennai to get the job done for you
  4.       Hire individual services through wedding planners – don’t take the stress on yourself, no matter how tempting it is, ensure you route even sundry services like flowers, help, etc through the wedding planners to save you the stress
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