What Stereoscopic 3D Really Is?

It is a technology which is used for developing or boosting the impression of depth of a picture by supplying two photos of slightly different angles independently to each eye of the observer. An illusion of 3D depth is created by using 2D images.These 2 dimensional images are then put together in the audience's brain to create an illusion of 3D viewing. 

Free viewing

Free viewing is described as a strategy of checking out two side-by-side pictures with no support of any device for viewing. It is a challenging strategy initially which would be found out by the customer as well. There are 2 techniques of total free watching.

1. Parallel viewing - In this approach, an image pair that uses left eye image on the left and right eye image on the right are used. For comfortable viewing the distance between objects in the image should not be more than 63mm as this is considered as an average introcular distance. This photo is watched by the audience by maintaining his vision parallel.

2.Cross-eyed viewing - A picture developed on the left is projected to the right eye and vice versa. The combined 3D image appears smaller and closer than the actual image. 

3D viewer technology

A 3D viewer technology helps the visitor to see a stereoscopic 3D picture as opposed to watching 2D images with naked eyes. 3D glass technology is classified into two as  active and passive.

1.Active viewer - An active viewer technology requires electronic devices in order to create the illusion of depth in an image.This technology generally uses a liquid crystal shutter glasses that has the property that causes them to become darker when voltage is passed, otherwise remaining transparent. 

2.Passive viewer technology - to present this type of stereoscopic images, two superimposed images are projected onto the same screen using polarising filters. Using a silver screen ensures that the polarisation is preserved. The inexpensive eyeglasses used by the viewer will have a pair of filters with opposite polarisation. This will help the viewer get the 3D experience. 

Nowadays, this technology is extensively being made use of. It has certainly enriched the viewing experience by giving a more real-life feel to the images.

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