The History Of Stereoscope In America

A Stereoscopic View of the American West 

It was back in 1851 when  Queen Victoria was delighted to see a new machine in what some people called as the world’s first fair. The machine was none other than the stereoscope. Later in the 1870s, another device came up which was economical than what was available before. The credit goes to Oliver W.  Holmes who instilled the craze for stereography in Americans. There were claims that every other parlor in America had a stereoscope in the late 1860s. Later in between 1880s-90s the availability of stereographs significantly increased. One of the major companies that manufactured stereographs was the Underwood and Underwood.

When putting together, the  three companies produced more than 25000 images on a daily basis. The stereograph count increased to a whopping number that is more than 300 million of them were issued in the 1850s a 1920s. Stereographs mostly were used by the middle-class consumers. However , with time many companies started manufacturing stereographs for the working class people. These stereographs were available at a price of 3 cents per piece, and when bought in bulk it was 85 cents for 100 units. Mostly they sold it through the medical stores, tea and coffee companies gave it as a premium.  

It was distributed by the companies through mail orders. Many scholars call it as the first photographic medium even before cinema or television came into existence. Stereographs were the first photographic medium back then when people never thought that anything like a digital camera or a handy cam would come up. Company tours became quite common for seeing a stereograph manufacturing plant.For some people, it was an exciting journey to understand where experts are making the newer technology. For the  company, it was a great tool to fascinate their consumers with a chunk of complexity.

Later this fantastic technology started to move from parlors to the schools. Big companies marketed their products in huge numbers to the school for the instructional purpose. The teaching method was changing day by day.  Stereographs encouraged the experiential approach of learning among students. Underwood and Underwood company started selling their products as "Tours of the world" and "Underwood travel system." These products offered people to view statistical information in the form of visual and textual way. In the times of conflict, a stereograph was like a lifesaver. People could verify their data immediately and show it to other people. 

Some of you may be aware that the stereograph era was instrumental in making the image construction methodology popular. The ability to portray reality in a visual form was one of its kind. It set the pace for future innovation here reel camera, video recorder and alter the digital camera came in to picture. The challenge was to manufacture an affordable product which eventfully started happening. The property of 3D images was explored back then when the museums began having 3D show facility. It was a great wave in its own time. Stereoscopes gave people the ability see things in a different way. It also provided a new way to the education system which has now become extremely common.

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The History Of Stereoscope In America

A Stereoscopic View of the American West  It was back in 1851 when  Queen Victoria was delighted to see a new machine in what some...