Benefits of stereo microscope

Most times, it remains quite disturbing and annoying to shut one eye and view the image through the other eye just like using the conventional and old microscopes. If you are having a stereo microscope, you should definitely know its benefits and advantages of the traditional microscope. You do not have to close your eyes while viewing any image since the stereo microscope comes with two eyepieces which can be utilized to see through the microscope. It even comes with several benefits where you need to consider using this microscope.
Most of the stereoscopes usually contain ocular or eyepiece lenses, base, light source, and focus wheel. The binocular compound microscope is completely different from the stereo microscope. Great depth of field and working distance are important features of a stereo microscope. It allows in viewing large specimens like organs, plants, and animals by focusing on main parts at the same time.
The main benefit of utilizing a stereo microscope is the accessibility of two eyepieces that you cannot get or see in any of the traditional microscopes. The two way eyepieces allow the user to use by keeping both eyes open and examine the sample. Moreover, the eyepieces come with rubber fitting supports that permits you to work more easy and comfortable when viewing through a microscope.
The majority of the microscopes offer two dimension picture of the subject or sample you are viewing through the microscope. But, when you use the stereo microscopes, you would get three-dimensional picture of the object, sample or anything which you keep beneath it. Furthermore, by utilizing the slide scanner, it is possible to obtain the original and realistic three-dimensional images that are clearer when compared to other conventional microscope models.
The conventional microscope comes with two points which can change or adjust the focus of the lens of the microscope. But the stereo microscope comes with a better option of changing the attention of microscope. It is because these lenses which are assembled in stereo microscopes are developed in a way they can be zoomed or adjusted to a better extent. Thus, it permits a better magnified and flawless picture of sample making the research or analysis more accurate and sample.
The double illuminator system has another benefit which you can obtain with a slide scanner and stereo microscope. The microscope’s framing is performed in such a way the dual illuminator offer light from underneath the sample and above the sample. It gives a perfect view of the sample in sufficient light and thus makes the study correct and accurate.

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