Brian May's Interest In Stereoscopic Photographs

Brian May, known as the lead Guitarist in the band named Queen, has started a campaign to revive the lost interest in the art of Victorian stereo images. He has displayed some of his collections in Tate Britain showing photographs along with a paintings that inspired them. Not just celebrities like him, but it has become a hobby for many people to upload stereoscopic images. They either take the help of a web designing company to create a website or build one themselves to upload those collections. May has inspired a lot of people to pursue this hobby, check to watch him talk about his latest passion.

What is stereoscopic photography:

Two images are taken which are taken from two slightly different angles and then displayed next to each other. These images, when viewed through a stereoscope, gives the illusion of a 3D image. This type of photography was popular among the public and was readily available and could be bought at a low cost or rented. They were commonplace and could be found practically everywhere unlike now, where it is difficult to see them easily. So Tate has decided to work with Brian May who has been collecting these stereoscopic pictures for over 40 years now.

How did it all start for May:

His interest in this form of photography started when he got free 3D cards in Weetabix cereal. He then bought a viewer that brought life to those cards, and that got him hooked on 3D photography. May then continued to collect more of these photographs when he toured the world for music concerts with Queen. He now has a collection of more than thousands of such stereoscopic images.

Major gallery exhibition:

Though there was a craze for Victorian 3D stereoscopic photography, it was never a part of any art exhibition till now. Thanks to this lead guitarist and rockstar, this collection will be part of a gallery exhibition. He has given his collection of stereoscopic pictures to Tate Britain for display. These images have been gathered by May over a period of 40 years and will be highlighted as a photographic technique ‘Neglected by Art historians for 150 years’.

May was shocked and surprised when Tate Britain agreed to show the pictures. The extensive gallery will show these images for the next six months in a free exhibition of his photographs along with the paintings that inspired those images. This form of photography was out of fashion for decades and has now seen a slow revival.

Poor Man’s picture gallery, An exhibition: 

The focus is on photographs that are Victorian Art and Stereoscopic photography. The artworks of Henry Wallis’ and Sir John Everett Millais is set to be recreated. These were hugely popular in the 1850’s and 1860’s worldwide and not just in the UK as per curators at Tate, but this is the first time any gallery is focusing on this type of photography. The exhibition is host to 26 sets of stereoscopic photographs all hung on the wall with access to see them through a viewer.

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