How to select a stereo microscope?

Stereoscopic microscope remains useful for research purposes or easily to discover various shapes hiding around the world. The stereomicroscope is also referred to as stereoscopic microscope or stereo microscope.
To explain, it has a high magnification lens which you can use to see three-dimensional objects. It is almost like an optical-mechanical system that comes with an inner prism, two observation tubes, an apical lens, and lenses system. It has a knob on the column that allows you to change the head to focus the object manually. As a result, the subject can be viewed on a three-dimensional angle with modifications varying from 5x and 200x.
How to select a stereomicroscope?
It is challenging to select the right type of stereomicroscope. It requires a lot of time, evaluation of requirements and comparison. It is an important choice that would remain with you for several years. If it does not last for life it would last until you end the research work. We do not want to recommend any particular model or brand. There are several brands and the quality of the product is easily known when you read the reviews and user experiences.
It is best to fix a budget before you start to search for your appropriate microscope. There are a lot of good options for a private person but when you want good options, you need to look carefully. It is important to see the used label equipment market or several models of well-known microscopes before shortlisting. One of the best advantages is there is an excellent market of accessories like bases, lenses, lights, eyepieces, etc. all flexible to standard microscopes.
Features to look
The optical quality of the system is the most important feature you need to look while purchasing a stereo microscope. It should ensure clarity, contrast and high definition of the object from the middle to the sides of the area of view. The area of view should remain broad with wide field eyepieces noticeable with WF or Wide Field.
The focusing distance has to be reasonable to let you function with the fingers beneath the objective. The distance can be changed according to the case. It can be either decreased or increased by utilizing additional lenses.
The zooming of stereo magnification would remain in fixed, steps or continuously variable. If you are marking regular investigations, you need to compare the measurements in the series. Therefore, it is recommended to purchase with fixed magnifications.

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