Do I need to purchase a stereo microscope or compound microscope?

One of the most frequently asked questions while purchasing a microscope is ‘should I purchase a stereo microscope or compound microscope for my child?’ Well, the answer depends upon the level of cognitive ability of your child. However, there are certain guidelines which we would recommend.
There are two main things to consider when purchasing a microscope:
  •         Level of interest
  •         Age
Age is an important backup for cognitive development. It is necessary to consider especially when purchasing a microscope. It is not possible even for six years who is with the smartest brain to handle the abstract kind of images to view under the compound or high-end microscope. If you want to purchase for younger kids, it is recommended to purchase a stereo microscope or a handheld modern digital microscope. The main reason is the microscope requires to involve the child easily. It should be more than information that is engaging, cool and fun.
For children under 9 years
A stereo microscope remains as the right choice for children less than 9 years of age. It is simple to use and provides immediate engagement. It is utilized in viewing that kind of specimen which children love like flowers, crystals, rocks, bugs, etc. It is also helpful to view macro specimens which are easily seen around the house and garden. The specimens they associate to and watch using a stereo microscope comes in three dimensions.
It takes about a few seconds to setup a stereo microscope and after that, you can hear comments like ‘Wow’, ‘so cool’ attracting other family members in your house. It can be commented for bee’s stinger or poor housefly.
Stereo microscopes use low controls of magnification that is 50 times and below that are simple to concentrate than higher levels of magnification. It is easy for a young child to use the stereo microscope on own as the preparation and setup is less and easy. It is almost like a binocular.
Over 10 years
Compound microscopes are suitable for middle school kids as their curriculum and brains let them engage in scientific discovery. So, if you have kids above 10 years, you can introduce digital solution like a digital microscopic camera or handheld digital cameras. It is the best choice for grown-up kids. However, stereo microscopes are ultimately the best though several digital inventions come through. It helps in delivering perfect image features with universal usage possibilities and high operating comfort. It fulfills the ergonomic demands of the user.

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