How Stereo-Imaging Technology Helps Medical Field?

Stereoscopy is a technique that helps to view flat images like 3D images. This technique is being used in several fields like education, video games, etc. Stereo-imaging is being used in the medical field for diagnosis purposes. There are several stereo imaging devices used in the medical field which is of great help for the doctors.

Dr. Richard, one of the leading Radiologists with spoke to us and gave us some insights on how the stereo imaging technology is helpful in medical diagnosis. He says “With stereo imaging technology it is possible to view the images more realistically with an in depth perception. Thus it is possible to have a detailed study and diagnosis of even small biological specimens.”

Here you would find some of the applications of stereoscopy and stereo-imaging in the medical field.

Stereoscopy In Medical Imaging

In the past when X-rays was discovered for the diagnosis of diseases, stereoscopic X-ray devices were developed. These devices helped to come up with stereo pairs X-ray images. Radiologists find it difficult to view these images, and it was a strain to their eyes. Thus several stereo imaging devices were developed which served as 3D imaging devices. Some of the latest stereo imaging devices which helped in medical diagnosis are CT scan and MRI scan. Capturing sliced images of specific body areas is possible with the help of these latest stereoscopic devices.

Use of Stereoscope Microscope

A stereoscopic microscope is of great help for clinical professionals as it offers 3D visualization of the objects under examination. With a stereoscope microscope, it is possible to have a realistic look of the 3D morphology of the object under examination. With a stereoscopic microscope, it is possible to investigate the complex biological specimen.

Improves The Accuracy Of Laparoscopic Surgeries

Laparoscopic surgeries are becoming popular as it is less invasive in nature. The results of laparoscopic surgery are accurate as the stereo imaging devices used for viewing the internal organs and other internal parts are clear, and it is of high quality. Thus laparoscopic surgeries are highly reliable, and doctors suggest this type of surgery for several health issues.

Accurate Endoscopy Diagnosis

Endoscopy is medical diagnostic equipment which is used for examining the hollow cavity of internal organs. Endoscopic devices usually captured 2D images which were used by the doctor to know about the condition of the internal organs. Laparoscopic surgery is performed with the help of the images captured from the endoscopic devices. A certain depth of information is missing in the 2D, and thus there is a need for 3D models. With the help of 3D images captured using endoscopic devices, it is possible to perform surgeries and operations with greater accuracy.  Thus a stereoscopic endoscope can capture realistic images of internal organs of your body.

Thus the stereo imaging techniques are of great help in the development of medical imaging devices. Stereo imaging technology plays a crucial role in the accuracy of laparoscopic surgeries and thus increases the reliability of the surgery. This helps to view the internal organs with utmost clarity and offers a clear 3D view of the complex internal organs.

The above are some of the applications of stereoscopy and stereo-imaging in the medical field.

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