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What is Stereoscopy and its Techniques ?

Stereoscopy is derived from the Greek word stereos which means firm or solid. The term skopeo means or see-through firm and solid 3D objects. In the past, people used to view 3D images with the help of stereoscope.  

Image of 3D Stereoscope View of Soccer Goal KeeperStereoscopy is a technique that enhances the illusion of depth. A stereogram is nothing but a stereoscopic image. Usually, stereogram is a pair of images which are viewed using a stereoscope. Stereopsis is nothing but depth perception which is the visual perception of objects in one line sight. Here you would know about stereoscopy in detail.

The technique of stereoscopy is nothing, but it offers a three-dimensional effect or illusion for a two-dimensional image. This illusion of depth can be achieved in photography or movie with the help of this technique called stereoscopy. It is nothing but a presentation of two different images to each eye. These two images are combined in the view of the brain and offer a perception of depth. The stereo images were two individual photographs taken of the same subject with viewpoints of the same distance from the human eyes. When viewed from a stereo viewer these photographs appear like a single 3D image.

Stereoscopic imaging is nothing but a technique which offers three-dimensional effects for a flat image. The two main effects of stereoscopy that are different from the human vision are.
  • The difference between convergence and accommodation which is caused due to the perceived position front or behind.
  • The imperfect image separation which causes the possible crosstalk in between the eyes.
There are specific visual requirements to view stereo images. The three main visual requirements of viewing stereo images are listed below.
  • Simultaneous perception
  • Fusion
  • Stereopsis
Nearly 12 % of people are unable to view 3D images clearly. This is due to certain medical conditions. Almost 30% of people suffer from weak stereoscopic vision and thus prevent them from depth perception.

Autostereoscopic imaging is a technique of stereoscopy which is screen based, and there is no need to wear special glasses to view the 3D images.  

Image of EsteroscopiaApplications Of Stereoscopy

Stereoscopy is a technology which is used in various fields. Stereoscopy technology is used to teach complex concepts for students. For example, stereoscopy is of great help in viewing the complex biological phenomena of certain species. Important and challenging concepts when seen in an interactive 3D video can engage students in a better way. Stereoscopic images were used in the learning of cell structure. Student enjoyed learning with 3D presentations and secured good marks.

Another main application of stereoscopy is gaming. There are several video games in the market which make use of stereoscopic technology. This type of games offers a depth perception for the player. The stereoscopic video games come with two primary rendering techniques. They are 2+ depth rendering and dual rendering.

Stereoscopy is not a new technology, and it is an old technology based on which 3D images were viewed. The above are the basic principles behind stereoscopy and the applications of the technology.

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