Steps To Make A Stereoscope

A stereoscope is a device which is used to view 2D images as a single 3D image. It is an exciting device that would help to display images with an illusion of a 3D image.  Creating a stereoscope of your own is easy. You may need adult supervision to create a stereoscope on your own. The following are the steps to be followed to build a stereoscope on your own.

How to Make Your Own 3D Stereoscope Images ?

First, you have to capture a picture using your camera and take a picture in a particular angle. Then adjust the camera to a different perspective and capture the same object. Move the camera for about 3 inches and snap another picture. Make sure to keep the distance between the camera and object the same. The second picture should look identical to that of the first picture with some minimal changes. Now take a print out of the images captured. A bigger picture can be viewed easily with a simple stereoscope.  


Making Your Stereoscope


Take a piece of cardboard and cut two circular holes. This is the eye holes, and the cardboard is the lens holder. You can create holes using a box cutter or utility knife. Place another piece of cardboard which is perpendicular to the lens holder which acts as a separator between the eye holes. The purpose of the separator is to focus on the image directly. Now attach the lens holder in one end of the cardboard strip. Make sure that the lens holder is 2 inches high. Now stick one piece of cardboard to one end of the strip. This would serve as a backboard where you place the pictures. Now place the captured images on the backboard. If the backboard does not stay up, then stick another piece of cardboard to the backboard. Place the picture such that the center of the picture is aligned with the eye hole. You can paste the images so that it is aligned right.


You have to paste two lenses on the lens holder. See that the lenses are magnifying lenses which as a focal length of 30cms.  It is possible to make use of stereoscope without lenses, but it is very much easy to use it with the lens. There is no need for magnifying glasses for people with near sight vision. A strong magnification is required for people with far sight vision.


The above are some of the steps that you must follow to create your stereoscope.


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